vChief's 2019 Year in Review

Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are as excited as we are to jump into 2020.

Looking back on 2019, we’re so excited about our progress and growth. This year we worked with 43 clients across multiple sectors, including startups, nonprofits, education organizations, small businesses, and foundations. We love that so many of our clients are driven by a social mission, from social justice to educational equity to LGBTQ rights to supporting immigrant children.

We provided over 10,000 hours of support to our clients. Maddy was selected to join the Young Entrepreneurs Council and has been featured in 6 posts and articles in Forbes and Inc.

This year was not, however, without its challenges. At the end of this year, we suffered deep losses. One of our very first team members, Christian Salvatori, passed away after a brief, devastating illness. He has been a constant, key part of vChief since our outset, and we will miss his thought partnership, humor and grace. Also Amy Gannon, who led the Madison-based women’s entrepreneur network, Doyenne Group, lost her life along with her daughter in a tragic accident. Amy was one of Maddy’s first entrepreneurial mentors and will leave her legacy on both vChief and Maddy. We hope to carry Amy and Christian’s impact and passion forward for the years to come.

We look forward to continued growth and impact in 2020, and wish the same for our clients and partners. We are always excited to stay connected with our friends and champions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you all for your continued support. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you all.

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