Tiffany C.

Chief of Staff

Tiffany is an independent consultant specializing in project and program management, event-planning, operations, communications, and strategic planning. In her 15-year career, she has developed particular expertise in the PK-12 education space. Her passion is taking big goals and a vision and turning them into actionable plans that will lead to significant and positive change for families and communities. Her recent clients include school districts and a national education nonprofit organization.

Before moving into consulting, Tiffany was the Director of Teacher Engagement for six years at TNTP, a national education nonprofit working at every level of the public school system to help their partners achieve their goals for students. In that role, she built and led the Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice, a $25,000 annual award for public school teachers in low-income communities, that was celebrated by education experts and leaders in various industries across the nation. This program generated extensive publicity and engagement for TNTP, provided high-quality professional development for the winning teachers, and brought in educator expertise that informed the rest of the organization’s work.

In 2010, Tiffany earned a Juris Doctorate and was admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Though she does not actively practice, her experience in the legal field has given her a unique perspective into the challenges of districts, schools, and families as they navigate the educational journeys of their students.

In her personal time, Tiffany is raising two young children with her husband, and leads a local nonprofit community to support families of the City of Orange, California.


  • Administrative support
  • Operations
  • Project management


  • JD, Commonwealth of Massachusetts


  • Education
  • Management consulting
  • Non-profit

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