Beda Martinez

Placement Coordinator

Beda was born and raised in a rust belt city in Wisconsin to two Mexican immigrants. Growing up in a low income community, she saw first-hand how within the same city schooling could be vastly different. These experiences led to a deep desire to change inequitable structures and systems.

Beda has spent the last 10 years in the education and non-profit sector. Her most recent role was as a K-8 principal in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she led a school of over 700 students and 100 staff members. Now, Beda works as an independent contractor with vChief and is their Placement Coordinator.

Beda earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with three majors, Spanish, International Studies and Latin America, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies and two certificates in European Studies and LatinO/ChicanO Studies. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband and son.


  • Recruitment
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee relations


  • BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Education

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