Let’s Celebrate: vChief’s 2021 Year in Review

Written by vChief

January 12, 2022

As we enter the third calendar year of transitioning around an ever-changing–yet constantly challenging–global pandemic, the world of work continues to evolve. Flexible work styles, spaces, and modes are a huge piece of what vChief was founded on in 2016, so we gleefully embrace the new normal (whatever version we’re on at this point) and adapt in ways that allow us to provide the network of support and guidance our clients and partners have come to expect. I recognize that 2020 and 2021 have been years of struggle and misfortune for many. Every one of us has encountered someone who has suffered a loss or disruption in their lives over the past two years. But I also recognize there is a lot to be grateful for and if there’s anything good to come out of the past two years, it has been a more conscious awareness of all the light there is in the world and how we can strive to make it even brighter as we move forward. At vChief, we continue to work towards diversifying our organization and partnering with organizations that have a mission of social good like social justice, equity and inclusion, or LGBTQ rights. Our values as a company are represented in the work we do with these partners. As we play a supporting role, our founders and leaders are provided the opportunity to grow their businesses and positively impact the health and wellness of our communities. We’re proud to work with clients who:
  • advocate for making education equitable by breaking down barriers and serving communities with the greatest needs
  • prioritize a culture of mental health within companies
  • recognize the reward when a wider pool of talent is acknowledged for the strengths they bring to the workplace.
This year alone, we provided over 48,000 hours of support to our 200 clients between 150 chiefs of staff. Of those 150 chiefs, 12 converted to full time hours with their clients as leaders recognized the potential for getting even more done with their chief of staff by their side. In fact, 88% of our clients say their chief of staff has given them leverage to be a better leader.
We celebrated several milestones in 2021, and we’re proud to share our accomplishments. We tripled our revenue over 2020 and five times over 2019. We surpassed our goal by 50% and broke the $5M revenue mark this year; in 2022, we expect to reach eight figures. In addition to crushing revenue goals, we proudly grew our central team from a handful of part-time consultants at the start of 2021 to 14 employees by year-end. We still have seven open roles to fill in early 2022.
Our goals for the new year include a big focus on building the systems, infrastructure and team we need to continue to scale rapidly. We will also be building out more professional development and networking opportunities for our chief of staff community. We will be working to diversify the industries we work in and refine and expand the types of services we offer to clients. We are excited to enter the next chapter in the vChief journey. We wish continued success and achievement to our clients and connections. We value our relationships, current and former, and hope you’ll stay in touch with updates from your corner of the world. If you feel so inclined, drop us a line on social media to let us know your goals for the new year. Cheers to 2022!

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