Thank You For a Successful 2017!

Written by vChief

January 1, 2018

We’re very excited to have completed our first full calendar year as a business. It’s been a busy one with lots of growth. In 2017, we have supported22 clients from a variety of industries: education, nonprofit, social enterprise, ecommerce, finance, ed tech, consulting, film making, retail, and philanthropy. They range in size from 1 employee to thousands.

We have logged 5,924 hours of support for our clients, with support from 24 vChief team members, who collectively have 24 bachelors degrees and 22 masters degrees, including 10 MBAs. Our team loves their work with vChief. 100% of surveyed team members said vChief is a great place to work and would recommend the role to a friend.

We’re making a difference for our clients. 93% of them said their chief of staff is managing projects well and has provided them leverage to be a better leader for their organization.

It continues to be an incredible journey, and we’re glad to have you all as supporters and champions. Looking forward to 2018!

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