Client Testimonials

vChief works with a wide range of clients nationwide. No matter their business challenges, we are driven to help them achieve success and enable their teams and leaders to maximize their potential and growth opportunities. We are strategic thought partners, expert communicators and skilled at meeting the needs of our clients.

Read some of the great things our clients are saying about our virtual chief of staff services.

My vChief chief of staff Danielle is excelling in her role and providing me with a lot of leverage as a leader. She is able to jump in, figure things out, and autonomously deliver on key projects. She doesn’t need her work to be perfectly delegated; she figures out where she is needed and morphs to meet the need. She has engendered confidence with my team, and they see her as part of the OneGoal team. She doesn’t drop balls — big or small. Once I know she has something, she has it. She has been particularly helpful as a thought-partner and her background in finance has been a major plus. When I need something, she has built a good sense of where to go for it and can move work without me as the conduit. Admittedly, I initially couldn’t picture how that would happen for a virtual chief of staff even though it is such a critical part of a COS role. I’m very grateful for the support vChief has provided to me and our organization.

- Kwame Griffith

President, OneGoal

We’re loving vChief – first with Anita (and we can’t wait for her to return following parental leave!) and now with Katrina in this interim capacity. For us, it’s filling a major need around human resources, from creating new systems to transitioning to a new retirement package. I’ve personally referred several people to vChief, one of which became a client and the other of which I believe is considering the services now. Happy to have you include our logo on your website – attached for your reference.

- Abby Smith

CEOFounder, Team Pennsylvania

I have to admit that I was skeptical that anyone would be able to effectively step-in and add capacity to our Leadership Team when our COS went on maternity leave, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vandy took the time to get extremely clear on what we needed from her and then quickly built the context she needed to support us. We knew that she would be there to help us keep our work moving forward, help us adjust course as needed, and ultimately ensure that we made real progress in our work together. I am so thankful to Vandy and the vChief team for partnering with us this year.

- Tiffany Cuellar Needham

Executive Director, Teach For America-Houston

At the onset of launching a system level strategic initiative, I determined that I needed an individual who could serve as both a strategic partner and an operational strategist. After seeking out the services of vChief, and engaging Nisha Dass as our consultant, I got much more than that. I could draft a long list of the skills and expertise that she brought to the project and our organization but that would take a really long time to craft and I am sure I would miss something. Instead, I will simply share that her work was invaluable to my team and the project. Nisha is a skilled strategist who provided advice that allowed is to continuously center on both the “why” and “how”. She was able to share and employ various methods ensuring we were on track to meet our stated outcomes and keeping us committed to action (even if that included re-evaluating our strategy to outcome). Nisha simply fit – she was a true partner from the beginning offering transparency and investment in our success. Engaging vChief and Nisha was an excellent decision and we continue to benefit from that partnership.

- Ashanta Evans Blackwell

Deputy General Counsel, Teach For America

Tiffany is one of the most strategic, thoughtful, and effective consultants I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She takes the time to understand our team’s priorities, goals, and culture in order to better support all of us. She asks informed questions and makes strategic recommendations that lead to strong outcomes for our team. She goes above and beyond each day to ensure the work gets done with high-quality. I honestly can’t imagine how we could have gone through some of the busiest/toughest periods without her partnership and support. She’s reliable, detail-oriented, and an absolute joy to work with! I have so enjoyed working with vChief over the years. Everyone I’ve interacted with from Maddy Niebauer to Jenn Chandler and Dolores Fabregas have been super responsive and supportive every step of the way. I have and will continue to highly recommend vChief to my colleagues and friends.

- Jelena Dobic

Chief External Officer, OneGoal

vChief set me free to be the start-up entrepreneur I needed to be in a fast paced logistics & supply chain industry. My chief of staff was able to help build the behind the scenes strategy and execute on key processes (payroll, scheduling, employee relations, etc.) so that I could be the outward face of the organization. Our launch at Stubbs Logistics simply wouldn’t have been as successful without Alex.

- Dr. Annis Stubbs

Founder & CEO, Stubbs Logistics

Our engagement ended and I wanted to sing Ema’s praises. She is incredibly smart, professional, responsive, engaged, and warm, just a wonderful combination. She balanced it all perfectly, digging into the work with curiosity but also swift decision-making and competence, understanding and managing our capacity challenges and the issues we were navigating along the way, being collegial and pleasant while professional, and moving the work forward with passion and commitment. She was incredibly engaged and committed to us and the exercise at hand, and I’m very happy with what we’ve achieved and what she achieved given the limited information and support I was able to provide.

- Rayane Alamuddin

Chief Research Officer, Research For Action

I am incredibly grateful for the work that Carolyn and vChief have provided to Stronger Consulting. My favorite part is that Cari was able to jump in to our work and begin adding value immediately. I really didn’t have the time to scope out every single special project and manage a contractor – so the model of vChief providing a highly competent team member to embedded themselves in our work was a perfect fit for us.

- Mike Montoya

Founder & Principal, Stronger Consulting

As an entrepreneur launching a start-up — while working in a big and meaningful job — I needed someone who could help push the work forward. Connie was just that person. She has helped me make connections to the people and resources I need to get my start-up going. She has also been a super helpful thought partner — both pushing when I need to be pushed, and being a cheerleader when I need that. She has provided me resources, great “starts” on key activities, etc. Connie has been an integral part of Possip.

- Shani Dowell

CEO & Founder, Possip

This help is ridiculously good. Very high quality. My chief of staff Kara has a great willingness to do anything, provide advice as a thought partner, and get involved and invested to the level she feels like a teammate. I just wish I had even more of her time. I love working with her and regularly recommend vChief services to other leaders I know.

- Akshai Patel

CEO, Phoenix Collegiate Academy

At the onset of launching a system level strategic initiative, I determined that I needed an individual who could serve as both a strategic partner and an operational strategist. After seeking out the services of vChief, and engaging Nisha Dass as our consultant, I got much more than that. I could draft a long list of the skills and expertise that she brought to the project and our organization but that would take a really long time to craft and I am sure I would miss something. Instead, I will simply share that her work was invaluable to my team and the project. Nisha is a skilled strategist who provided advice that allowed is to continuously center on both the “why” and “how”. She was able to share and employ various methods ensuring we were on track to meet our stated outcomes and keeping us committed to action (even if that included re-evaluating our strategy to outcome). Nisha simply fit – she was a true partner from the beginning offering transparency and investment in our success. Engaging vChief and Nisha was an excellent decision and we continue to benefit from that partnership.

- Ashanta Evans Blackwell

Deputy General Counsel, Teach For America

Maddy is a matchmaker extraordinaire! At a minimum, I had hoped that vChief would provide me with someone to help with finance and operations for my new nonprofit, which are two areas that I don’t particularly enjoy. I ended up with a Chief of Staff who I consider to be a unicorn. Not only does she genuinely love finance and ops, but she also has nonprofit startup experience and a can-do attitude, is incredibly efficient, has been generous in sharing her network, and is a true thought partner in all aspects. Even our personalities are a great fit. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I highly recommend the quality of vChief’s team.

- Kelly Greenwood

Founder & CEO, Mind Share Partners

In a word, Jenn is absolutely terrific! She’s been a trusted and valuable thought partner, and especially good at translating thoughts into action – either hers or mine.

- Michael Cohen

President, Achieve, Inc.

I first learned about vChief from one of their first clients. As a startup CEO, there are so many needs that you are trying to fill. Our vChief, Ami, has come in and filled so many gaps. She is my right-hand when it comes prepping for board meetings. She has stepped in and built processes for us around operations and finance that has allowed us to step up our game in a major way. Ami is also a great sounding board – sometimes you need someone to knock ideas against for feedback. If we didn’t have a vChief we’d still be trying to tread water as an organization. Instead, we’re swimming downstream because of Ami.

- Aaron Walker

Founder & CEO, Camelback Ventures

Having a virtual chief of staff these past four months as I searched to fill the vacancy allowed me to focus on the most important pieces of my work. She also provided the personalized approach and truly became one of us. I am grateful that in addition to the high quality work and advice, she was able to build close working relationships with everyone in the team. Our representative never felt “temporary” to us.

- Paula Cole

Executive Director, E4E - Minnesota

We worked closely with Maddy over the course of a year to help drive forward some special projects across our organization and to maximize our time and leadership as Co-CEOs. Maddy had an exceptionally unique ability to quickly gather essential organization and people-related context, manage both the macro strategy and micro execution, and anticipate needs before we even realized we had them. And, she’s a lovely human and a pleasure to work with, to boot!

- Sydney Morris & Evan Stone

Co-CEOs, Educators For Excellence

Working with vChief enabled us to conduct the rigorous benchmarking that was prerequisite to establish our talent strategy. Connie was able to assess where we are with our current talent practices and based on conversations with many other CMO share insights and recommendations that resonate with our team. This was possible because of the stop-at-nothing and analytical approach to answering the initial questions we outlined in our scope of work and also her keen ability to work across diverse personalities. It has been really great working with them!

- Vince Marigna

Chief People Officer, Kipp - New Jersey

vChief has given me peace of mind by allowing me to entrust important projects to my chief of staff. I know the work will be done thoroughly and competently.

- Kishan Madamala

CEO, Maxton & Co.

As a startup nonprofit, we needed a vChief who could wear many hats. Kara excelled at this. With her unusual combination of skills, she was able to help us with several streams of work, including fundraising, budgeting, and hiring. She is brilliant, mission-driven, and the ultimate team player. We are tremendously grateful that we had the opportunity to work with her.

- Sherry Lachman

Founder and Executive Director, Foster America

I’m very busy on all the RIGHT things now that Connie has been partnering with me. I’m thrilled she has directed me, encouraged me, both in my actual work product honing and creation. But she has also moved me to payroll systems, hired bookkeeping services, found me a website developer group we’re in the middle of a contract with, contended with a messy EA cleanup, negotiation, onboarding and training of a new EA. She has recreated a messy, nonexistent P&L, fired my accountants, and is working toward getting me an accurate read of how much I’m spending on my working hours, She actively pushes me to create and do more, while also helping to protect the time I need to live my life as well. She’s keeping a fantastic sense of humor through it all too, thank God!

- Cara Miller

Founder, Inquiry Partners

I started working with Virtual Chief of Staff when I was getting my new business up and running. I needed senior-level support from someone who could think big picture and help me tackle our core strategic questions, but I didn’t have the resources to hire a full-time person. vChief was just what we needed.

The team at vChief are such a pleasure to work with– friendly and fun, while being direct and efficient. vChief supports my organization through everything from contract negotiations to editing documents to benchmarking comparable organizations. They helped ensure we maximized our impact while also maximizing our profit.

Working with vChief has helped me prioritize my time, which has enabled my organization to achieve our goals. I highly recommend vChief!

- Jennifer Chiou

Founder, Codespeak Labs

During my time with vChief, CICS was embarking on an aggressive new 3-year strategy. While we were staffing up, I needed someone who could jump in fast to free up my capacity as the CEO. During this period of transition, Liz put structures into place such as an implementation tracker for our strategic plan, meeting routines, culture routines, and new communications that have endured and made for a smoother transition for our new team. She was highly organized, efficient, a great problem solver and great at building systems. I valued her strategic thought partnership and she provided me with helpful constructive feedback and suggestions. I would highly recommend vChief to any CEO looking to spend more time on their biggest priorities!

- Elizabeth Shaw

CEO, Chicago International Charter School

Things are going fantastically with our vChief consultant Naomi. She onboarded fast and developed a real passion for our organization, which enabled her to offer solutions and ideas in tune with our ethos and staff culture. She’s transforming our approach to operations, as well as supporting us with hiring, onboarding, coaching managers, and strategic planning. Most importantly, she has been a pragmatic and thoughtful sounding board. She adapts to challenges and is open to different approaches tailored to our unique needs. She also brings positive energy to every meeting and interaction. I’m so impressed with vChief and how well they responded to our needs. I can’t recommend them more highly.

- Phil Engelhorn

Executive Director, Cinereach

vChief offered a very valuable service to our legal start-up. Our experienced and knowledgeable virtual chief of staff hit the ground running, providing support in key areas of business building: managing staff, recruiting new talent, streamlining practice management processes to increase scalability, setting up a new office. This enabled the company founder to focus on client servicing and client acquisition.

- Gloria Lee

Chief Financial Officer, Chaudhry Law

Maddy has proved an invaluable resource to me as a strategic thought partner, a key communicator, and a master executor. She is uniquely able to juggle a thousand different tasks with ease. She was critical in Braven’s start-up period, leading our HR and Finance functions, planning team retreats, leading risk management, and helping establish our 501c3 status. She also helps ensure I stay on track with my many competing priorities, helps prepare and follow up from all of my meetings, whips up presentations with ease, and drafts innumerable internal and external communications. I have complete trust in Maddy – she is a steel-trap with confidential information and demonstrates the strongest judgment. And she does it all with humor and grace.

With vChief, she has built a team of stellar chiefs of staff. In addition to Maddy, we’ve had two other vChief team members support our regional leaders at Braven, and could not be more satisfied with their work!

- Aimée Eubanks Davis

Founder & CEO, Braven

Nikki is really doing a great job. We are leveraging her skills and experience strategically to build capacity and support long-term sustainability. She is a great critical thinker, strong communicator, amazing team player, and highly organized.

- Hiewet Senghor

CEO, Black Teacher Collaborative

vChief matched me with a chief of staff who understood my needs and how to work effectively in a way that matches our start-up culture. Sarah is working independently to solve systems challenges I have no time to take on. Great service.

- Ann Brown

Owner & Principal, AKB Strategies

We’ve been very pleased with our partnership with vChief so far. Vanessa has been a terrific asset to the team. She takes initiative, has a very strong process orientation, and clearly communicates with me about when she has capacity to take more on vs. when she has a full plate. We’re thrilled to be working with her.

- Nicole Wais

Chief Strategy Officer, Alpha Public Schools

Jenn was a huge asset to me personally and to TFA Baltimore during a period of transition between Chiefs of Staff. She was incredibly fast at getting up to speed on context and building relationships and able to add value almost immediately. I was so grateful to have her support during a critical period for our organization and team.

- Courtney Cass

Executive Director, Teach For America Baltimore

Our consultant from vChief has brought valuable experience and perspectives, enabling me to handoff key projects with confidence.

- Monisha Kapila

Co-CEO, Pro-Inspire

vChief was an incredible tool! I had help with analyzing data and looking for trends, which helped me to actually use all the information available to me when making decisions and planning how to best move my organization forward.

- Carrie Larson

Academic Director, Phoenix Collegiate Academy

Karen is extraordinary. Her support was invaluable to me and to OneGoal. I’d recommend vChief to anyone who wants to take their org or team to the next level.

- Jeff Nelson

Former CEO, OneGoal

vChief matched us with executive strategy support and thought partnership that has added significant capacity to our leadership team.

- Elissa Salas

CEO, College Track

I was often told that if I got a Chief of Staff my life would change, but now I know it from experience. My days are spent the way a CEO should spend them now, and our business is booked farther in advance then we ever had bookings before. We’re a more efficient, well-run business because of her addition.

- Heather Mason

Founder & CEO, Caspian Agency

We’ve been incredibly pleased with Shayna. She’s incredibly brilliant and her level of systems thinking and ability to operationalize is impressive. I feel much more at ease now that I feel I can delegate things to someone who can think both of the big picture and the small details. She’s also just an incredibly pleasant person, and has taken quickly to our work in DEI.

- Minal Bopiah

Founder & Principal, Brevity & Wit

vChief is a life-saver for small companies that are growing leanly or going through transitions. Working with Vandy has been seamless. She jumped right in and made herself part of our small but mighty team with little direction and a lot of resourcefulness and judgment. She is a strong executor, incredibly detailed-oriented and organized, and so easy to work with. She more than fills a need – she has added tremendous value and thought partnership.

- Sheila Lopez

New Jersey Executive Director, Braven

Kate consistently takes projects on from start to finish, ensuring completion, with very little direction. I can turn projects over to her and she runs with them, freeing up my time considerably and taking items off of my plate. She is also a valued team member and has taken the time to get to know each of the work styles of all of the members of our team.

- Jessica de Barros

Education - Charter Schools, Washington State Charter School Commission

Working with Meghan has been great, she’s helped us create our Board Charter and build out our Strategic Plan both have been a huge help. Meghan has been a sounding board for me and I think we collaborate really well together.

- Jessica Hatem

Executive Director

Lindsay was a valuable team player, very efficient, and is driven to produce strong deliverables for the organization.

- Caitlin Adams

Senior Director - California Wellness Foundation

Having Leah Fox on the team has been instrumental to our success in strengthening our partnership relations and making significant progress towards reaching our goals.

- Brenda Castillo Garza

Senior Director - MidPen Housing

Shayna was absolutely fantastic to work with. Her combination of big picture smarts, attention to detail, and ability to collaborate while pushing others to be better is a rare mix of talents, and B&W is better because of it.

- Jakob Wolf-Barnett

Partner & Senior Consultant, Brevity & Wit

Juliet was an incredibly helpful thought partner for us in further developing our student recruitment strategy from the perspective of our customer journey.

- Yoni Samuel-Siegel

Chief Operating Officer, Prospect Schools

Kim leveled up a lot of our processes in a short amount of time. She also was very comfortable with ambiguity as many things came to her that she needed to figure out/problem solve. She was excellent at doing that. It is exceptional. I can’t believe how quickly we were able to have someone supporting us.

- Dylan Ferniany

Chief Academic Officer, i3 Academy

I can say I have truly been supported by Nadja’s partnership throughout our time together. She has been a true value add to the IDEA community and I am grateful for her thoughtful performance throughout this year.

- Nicole McCrae

Principal, IDEA Public Charter Schools

Kristin is an excellent thought partner. She has also done a fantastic job synthesizing disorganized and disparate information into a clear SOP for new employee onboarding and creating new onboarding resources.

- Ariel Grace

Managing Director, Read Ahead

Sara was an amazing partner. Proactive, thoughtful, and responsive. She found the right balance of leaning in and leaning out. She also found the balance of honoring existing processes while making enhancements and additions. We really appreciate how quickly we were able to get started.

- Lisa Clarke

Vice President, Experience and Activation, MidPen Housing

The SkillUp leadership team likes to debate and ponder, deliberately. But decision making has occasionally proven slow and cumbersome, because no one individual was coordinating and facilitating across all of SkillUp’s work streams. Edith helped us to coordinate in a much more effective manner, which allowed us to make decisions quickly and with more clarity. It’s been a huge benefit to the organization. We’ve loved having Edith on the team. She’s a quick learner, and after only a couple of months part time, has already provided tremendous value.

- Steven Lee

Executive Director

My vChief has helped me to be able to breathe and then accomplish a variety of strategic business development goals that I have been putting off for years! Very different than a subcontractor accomplishing tasks, I feel like I have a strategic partner invested in my business’ growth.

- Deb Hanmer

Breakthrough Leadership Consulting

I can not say enough positive things about the experience of working with vChief! OPEN Madison – Out Professional Engagement Network was so fortunate to have been awarded this pro bono service program! This has been a game changer for us! To everyone at vChief, we have not taken this opportunity for granted and we thank you for your confidence in us! I don’t know what I am going to do w/o our CoS, who is the most amazingness of all! We appreciate you!

- Heidi Duss

Board President, OPEN

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