The vChief Partnership Program

The vChief Partnership Program is an initiative designed to identify organizations in need of executive support. This program is ideal for executive coaches, professional services firms, foundations, board members, and others with a network of high-growth companies in need of top executive talent.

How It Works

1. Become a Partner

Commit to being a Partner by signing the Partnership Agreement. Partners are vetted for fit, educated on our services, and receive access to brand collaborations.

2. Begin Referring

Once the Partnership Agreement is executed, Partners can begin making introductions to referred organizations.

3. vChief Conducts Initial Consultation

After the introduction, our team will consult with the referred organization to understand their needs and determine solutions.

4. Executive Talent Matching Begins

Based upon the findings of the consultation, our team will begin pairing relevant executive talent that helps address organizational gaps.

5. Finalization of Match & Selection of Support Level

The referred organization makes their final selection on talent and determines their desired level of support.


What’s In It For Me?

The vChief Partner Program offers three different types of rewards – you get to choose one

Do Them a Favor

Gift 8 hours of free vChief executive talent to the referred organization.

A Gift for Yourself

8 free hours of time for your organization.

Straight Cash

5% of revenue collected from each new engagement.

Benefits of Partnership

Curious how membership in vChief’s Partner Program can benefit your company or organization?

  1. Grow your community by sharing the benefits of vChief services with your network.
  2. Increase brand awareness through cross-branding as a vChief Partner.
  3. Receive rewards for referrals.