Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions



Why does vChief charge a placement fee?

Every vChief placement is customized to support your specific needs. The placement fee is reflective of an initial consultation, careful selection of qualified candidates, access to the vChief Connect Portal, and continuous support throughout the interview process. The placement fee will be included on the first invoice, but will be credited back after six months of the engagement.

Can a vChief help my organization?

Yes, our vChiefs are known to make themselves indispensable from day one. Our President, Beth Jacobs, walks you through what to expect from hiring a vChief. Watch the video.

How am I billed?

You will receive an invoice on the first of each month. This will include your contracted monthly rate for that month, plus any additional fees (extra hours or travel expenses) from the previous month. Payment is due 15 days from receiving an invoice. There will be an additional $5 per hour charge for hybrid placements. 

How do you track hours?

Your vChief will track their own hours and keep you updated if you are tracking above or below the expected number of hours, so there will be no surprises.

Will I work with a single vChief?

Yes, each client is assigned a vChief from our team, who will be committed to working with you throughout the engagement. If that person is on leave, we will fill in with other team members as necessary. In addition, many of our clients hire multiple vChiefs to fill the gaps on their leadership team.

What if my vChief goes over the allotted hours?
Your vChief will communicate when they have reached the monthly allotment of hours. If you continue to have needs beyond that point and pre-approve additional hours, you will be billed according to your plan’s hourly rate.
Do unused hours roll over from month to month?
They do not. With our subscription model, you are paying for the ability to retain a vChief for a certain number of hours per month, regardless of whether or not they are used. Your vChief will work to complete the full allotted hours.
Is my vChief able to travel to meet my team or join conferences?

We encourage in-person visits when both the vChief and the client can make it work. It can be especially helpful at the beginning of a client relationship or for team meetings and conferences where the vChief can build relationships as well as plan and/or run the event. Clients cover all expenses for pre-approved business related travel (flights, hotels, meals). For occasional travel and on-site visits, we charge $30/hour for travel time.

Can I switch subscription plans?
Yes. You can switch to a different hourly plan at any time. Notice must be given by the 15th of the month and the new subscription plan will be effective the 1st of the following month.
How do I cancel this service?

vChief must be notified at least 30 days prior to desired date of cancellation to avoid being billed additional hours. (e.g., you would cancel on June 1 to avoid being billed July 1. Your service would continue through June 30.)

What if I want to hire my vChief onto my team directly?

Many of our clients look to capitalize on a temp to perm engagement so they can get access to both short and long term benefits. This type of setup can provide an invaluable addition to any team. Many businesses have realized these advantages and request this relationship with a vChief more and more often. For clients who want to convert their consultant into a team member in their organization, whether part or full time, vChief charges a one-time, non-negotiable conversion fee.

Can I suspend my service for a period of time?
Yes, the same rules apply as cancellation; we must receive notice by 30 days prior to desired date of service suspension. Depending on availability, you may not be guaranteed to work with the same vChief when service is reinstated.
What if I’m not satisfied with my vChief support?
We are proud to have a very high success rate, but in the rare instance the support from the hired vChief does not meet your needs, we can either work to place an alternate vChief or vChief can reimburse the placement fee. Notice must be made within the first 30 days of the engagement.
What does vChief look for in its selection process?
Our mission is to provide top-notch support to leverage the time of busy executives. We aim to become indispensable in the lives of our clients, enabling their leadership to reach new heights. In our selection process, we assess candidates’ mindsets, motivations around leadership work, and track record of excellence to give us confidence that they’ll bring tremendous value to our clients.
What does it mean to be a member of the vChief Talent Pool?

Being a member of our talent pool means that you are eligible to be matched with a client seeking our services. If you become part of our talent pool, our Placement Team will begin considering you for opportunities with our clients (see the Matching Process section below for more on that). You’ll hear from someone on that team when they’ve identified an opportunity they believe is a strong fit for your skills and experience. See the next section of this FAQ for more details on the matching process.

Do I need to get an LLC or liability insurance?

We do require that vChiefs in our talent pool register an LLC* and hold Professional Liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions. We recommend looking into what it takes for you to register an LLC in your state now, so that you’re prepared for that process–in some states it may take only a few weeks, in some states it’s more involved. The fee to establish an LLC varies by state, from $40-500. Obtaining professional liability insurance doesn’t take as long, so you do not need to do this until you are officially matched with a client and sign a contract.

*Typically, our consultants register an LLC, though it is acceptable for a consultant to have any legal entity that is listed on the W-9 form as long as the individual has a Taxpayer Identification Number. The Consultant may not use their Social Security Number. No matter the type of entity, the Consultant still does need to send vChief the W-9 with the appropriate fields completed and the form signed. Securing the Professional Liability Insurance along with the legal entity is also required in order to be able to enter an engagement with a vChief client.

Can I use a spouse’s LLC or legal entity (US-Based)?

A Consultant may be able to do this only if they are also a member of the LLC or member of the established legal entity. They still need to secure Professional Liability Insurance. A Consultant cannot use someone else’s legal entity to engage in vChief services.

Do international vChiefs need to establish an LLC?

International vChiefs are not required to establish an LLC, but we recommend that you consult an accountant in your country to determine what steps you’ll need to take to be compliant with tax law where you live.

How is my compensation rate determined, and how does it change over time? How is my performance evaluated?

We determine your starting compensation rate using a clear internal rubric that takes into account your years and type of experience as well as educational attainment. You are eligible for annual increases based on performance, which is based on client satisfaction and feedback gathered through both surveys and conversations.

On a day-to-day basis, how is being a consultant different from being a full-time employee?

Unlike a full-time role, which typically consists of an extended ramp-up period, a consultant should not assume that their client has developed a detailed onboarding plan for them. Typically vChief consultants are in charge of their own “onboarding” with a client, seeking out the information they need to be successful. Because of the fractional nature of the role, a primary way to build trust is by demonstrating early wins and value add. Our most successful consultants proactively communicate what work they’ve completed and progress toward goals regularly throughout an engagement. A consultant should seek to understand who their main point person will be, the culture, working styles, communication preference, motivations of the client, as well as if and how they will interact with the broader team. They should also expect variability in their role and be ready to be nimble and fill gaps as needed.

How long do consultants typically stay with vChief?

Because of the flexibility built into our model and the varying needs of the consultants in our talent pool, this can vary widely. Some consultants choose to work with us when they’re taking a temporary break from full-time work. Others may take projects to supplement their full-time job. Many choose to pursue consulting full-time. We have consultants who have been with us since the beginning of vChief, and others who transitioned out of our talent pool when it made sense for their career needs.

If a client wants to hire a consultant into a full-time role with their company/organization, is that something vChief allows?

Yes, if both the client and the consultant come to an understanding that they would like to continue to work together we do allow for this, and we charge the client a conversion fee. Sometimes clients will let us know at the start that there is a possibility for conversion to full-time–we will let you know when we reach out to you about a client opportunity if that is the case.

What opportunities will I have to connect with the broader vChief community?

When you’re matched with your first client, you’ll be invited to join a Slack workspace with vChief team members and other consultants in our talent pool. This is an excellent place to go to ask for resources, seek advice, and learn about other consultants’ experiences. We also aim to provide regular trainings and networking opportunities so that you’re getting to know and learn from the amazing people in the vChief community.

Does vChief provide recommendations for remote candidates, or candidates that would work in-person or hybrid?

vChief works with candidates that are fully remote. There are some instances where a candidate is able to fill a hybrid role but the majority of our vChiefs are remote. 

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