Client Spotlight: Metric Digital

Written by vChief

September 12, 2019

To get noticed in today’s fast-paced, digital world, companies need to develop a strong marketing presence. Metric Digital specializes in performance marketing. “The heart and soul of our business is powering growth for some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world,” says Ryan Markman, COO.

The services that Metric Digital offers can be broken down into three distinct marketing areas. One area is working with companies to develop their strategy and execution of digital advertising. This includes managing social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. They also help companies drive gains in paid search and shopping intent using the top Google advertising tools to scale brands on Google Search, YouTube, and beyond. Second, Metric Digital creates email marketing programs for companies, helping brands further spread their messaging and increase awareness across multiple channels.

The last marketing service that Metric Digital provides is called performance creative, where they will work with your company to develop the actual images and videos in your ads.. These images and videos are created specifically to drive conversion and promote customers buying product. Metric Digital’s client list includes some top brands that may already be familiar: Mizzen + Main, Canada Goose, Bonobos, Mack Weldon, Hint Water, Vuori, and SoulCycle. Markman comments on Metric Digital’s rapid growth, both in team members as well as customer base. Initially, says Markman, Metric Digital took on industry upstarts and high-growth oriented startups. But the well-entrenched incumbents have started to notice what the direct-to-consumer companies are doing, and reassess how they can transform their digital space. “It’s opening interesting doors for us to help the industry incumbents disrupt and act like disruptors,” says Markman.

If your company is looking for innovative marketing support, Metric Digital could be a great option for you.

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