vChief in Action: Case Study Highlights

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Marketing Agency Leverages Fractional Support During Executive Leave

Stratagess, a marketing agency startup, navigated its first executive leave of absence with the help of an Associate Chief of Staff from vChief, transforming a period poised for mere survival into a phase of growth. vChief’s startup veteran, Kelly, provided strategic execution on client-facing projects and built internal organization systems to streamline communication, laying the foundation for further growth.

Service: Associate Chief of Staff
Great Read For: Professional Services, Startups, Executive Leave of Absence
Solutions: Fast Growth, Process Optimization, Filling Gaps

Scaling With the Help of Fractional Support

Sicaŋgu Co needed high-level executive support to alleviate capacity strains and scale up processes to continue catalyzing economic growth on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Partnering with vChief helped secure federal funding and added capacity across the entire team to allow CEO Clay Colombe to focus on major growth projects.

Service: Chief of Staff
Great Read For: Nonprofits, Economic Development
Solutions: Federal Funding, Added Executive-Level Capacity, HR Policies

From Overwhelmed CEO to Strategic Visionary

In early 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns started, Kos Media was already dealing with a significant disruption to its business. When the publisher of the progressive news blog, Daily Kos, went through a leadership transition at the beginning of the year, Will Rockafellow found himself stuck in the weeds of the day to day Operations. Daily Kos then partnered with vChief, Melanie, who helped Will take back his time and refocus on strategic direction.

Service: Chief of Staff
Great Read For: Small Business, Media and Communications
Solutions: Project Prioritization and Process, Leadership Transition, CEO Time Savings

Exceeding Enrollment Targets with the Help of Fractional Support

Prospect Schools, a Brooklyn-based charter school management organization, faced enrollment challenges at the beginning of the school year. Under the leadership of Yoni Samuel-Siegel, COO, they partnered with vChief to bring in Juliet, a seasoned chief of staff with comprehensive expertise in NYC public education. Juliet promptly identified opportunities to improve enrollment and developed a family engagement playbook that helped turn the tide on enrollment in just one year, laying a strong foundation for the network’s continued growth.

Service: Chief of Staff
Great Read For: Education & Nonprofits
Solutions: Recruitment, Enrollment, Donor/ Family Engagement

Leading Through Change: Fractional Leadership During Expansion

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) was navigating a period of dramatic growth and change. They partnered with vChief to bring on a fractional executive, whose leadership facilitated a complex office move and shift to hybrid work, smoothly implemented a first collective bargaining agreement, and enhanced security measures. This partnership bolstered NWLC’s operational resilience and capacity, positioning the organization for continued success in its mission to advance gender justice
Service: Chief of Staff & COO
Great Read For: Social Justice, Nonprofits
Solutions: Leadership transition, Cross-functional strategic projects, Change management

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