Apply to Be a Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Application

This is a remote position.

The Opportunity
vChief is searching for independent consultants interested in providing Chief Financial Officer services to our clients. This work is largely part-time for each client, between 20 – 160 hours per month, typically on a long-term basis. Our clients are incredibly varied, from CEOs & COOs, to small business owners, to nonprofit executive directors, to entrepreneurs, to leaders in government and academia. The CFO position, while requiring technical financial expertise and high level analytical thinking, has evolved to also needing a wide range of soft skills, including an ability to convey complex ideas in simple, yet engaging terms. Our chiefs will engage and support our clients to produce deliverables and results that allow that organization to improve their business performance. 

Our Organization
Founded in 2016, vChief is focused on connecting business leaders with fractional and interim executives and support to meet their unique needs. We recruit, select and vet proven subject matter professionals with experience spanning from, but not limited to, HR, business operations, project management, strategy, board management, communications/marketing and development. vChief provides fractional and interim services to leaders and executives at start-ups, small and medium businesses, non-profits and education-based organizations. This support model is perfect for leaders who need to focus on large strategic initiatives and maximize their impact across the full organization, but don’t need permanent or full-time capacity. Bottom line – Fractional executives and supporters are there to get the job done, providing the benefits of specialization and experience to meet a variety of needs.

Who You Are
Does the description below align with your professional superpowers and past accomplishments? If so, we encourage you to apply!

You are a first-class communicator. You know how to deliver information clearly and efficiently in a variety of formats. In your interactions with clients, you take time to deeply understand their vision and expectations, align on a vision for success, and determine how you’ll communicate as you make progress toward your goals. You keep others informed at the right level on an ongoing basis as you manage projects.

You hold a passion for people and process. In the financial world, relationships can have a big impact on the success of the company. This is true in situations such as lending, investing, improving vendor relationships and contracts, etc. As a trusted confidant and relationship driven leader, you see value in relationships and the people/stakeholders you work with as you understand processes and results are people driven.

You are a data storyteller. Stakeholders want CFOs to not only report the numbers but also share the story behind them. The key skill will be to make sense of that data. For that, the CFO needs to be able to walk people through the meaning behind data so that they understand the implications and next steps on the journey.

You are an agile performer.  As you monitor progress toward your goals, you shift nimbly to address changes or challenges that arise. You are energized by finding a path forward in situations where it isn’t always immediately clear or there is ambiguity in aspects of the project–in other words, you’re solutions-oriented in your approach to supporting clients. Additionally you are able to recognize others’ discomfort and model productive behaviors, provide information, or share perspective to limit anxiety and maintain positive engagement levels.

Responsibilities Range From (but are not limited to):

  • Develop and implement financial strategies that align with different organizations objectives promoting sustainability and profitability.
  • Create and maintain financial forecasts, budgets, and models to support decision-making, resource allocation, and track financial performance.
  • Analyze and report output key metrics on financial health and performance to ensure that C-Level executives, boards, and/or other key stakeholders understand KPIs and next steps to grow and improve.
  • Working closely with senior management, develop and implement, operational processes, policies, and financial reporting systems (software as required) to support the client’s long-term goals and objectives. 
  • Manage cash flow effectively, identify and mitigate financial risks, and implement strategies to ensure the company’s financial stability. 
  • Provide series funding logistics, advice, and coordination such as supplying investors with financials and other due diligence materials.
  • Manage contract negotiations for items like new leases, MOUs, and large vendor contracts.
  • Develop a short-term, mid-term, and long-term view of the business to better prepare the company’s trajectory and cash position as well as requirements.
  • Support  internal and/or external finance staff and service providers. 
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure alignment of finance strategy with company goals.
  • For non-profit CFOs: Leverage your knowledge/expertise in non-profit financial structures, fundraising, and legal requirements to advise leaders on strategic and operational decisions.
  • For non-profit CFOs: Leverage your experience with and knowledge of state and federal funding and regulations.
  • For for profit CFOs: Experience in series funding, M&A, and IPOs is a plus

Education & Prior Experience:

  • A minimum of 1 year as a full-time CFO/VP Finance equivalent required 
  • Minimum of 8+ years of professional experience
  • Bachelor’s degree is required – strong preference in finance, economics, or accounting; MBA and/or CPA preferred
  • Strong history of promotions and progression in roles with demonstrable results desired

    Compensation for this role is on a contract basis. We offer a flat rate of $140 per hour and possibility of annual bonuses based on performance and dependent business performance.

    Contractors are required to have an LLC and carry liability insurance.

    Take Control of Your Career

    Make an Impact Without Going Full-Time

    Focus on high-value, strategic work that drives tangible results at notable organizations. Leverage your skills and experience outside the confines of a 9-to-5.

    Find Fulfillment Through Flexibility

    Work remotely from anywhere with flexible hours and the freedom to vary your hours seasonally according to your availability. Build your career around your life to bring your best self to every pursuit.

    Upskill, Reskill, or Test Drive a New Field

    Find work that leaves you energized and fulfilled with our detailed, individualized talent matching process. Return to the workforce after a break, hone new skills, or gain exposure to new opportunities without a long-term commitment. We take great care to ensure that all assignments are mutually beneficial to our clients and our talent.


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    Achieve your next career milestone faster by letting us handle the logistics. Our diverse and extensive pool of clients eliminates the need for independent business development, providing employment opportunities that match your goals. And our billing terms ensure you get paid fast, via ACH, without the hassle of invoicing individual clients.